Habla Speech Therapy, PLLC provides bilingual (Spanish) and monolingual services to:

  • children in their home, daycare, or our Mesquite clinic
  • home health agencies and outpatient clinics
  • clients with Medicaid, private pay, or insurance
  • independent and private school districts

We provide bilingual and monolingual:

  • therapy, screenings, assessments
  • professional consultations/staff development, continuing education
  • parent consultation and training, advocacy, and care coordination
  • independent educational evaluations, IEE (speech therapy, occupational therapy, educational diagnostician)

special education 

EducaciĆ³n Especial

50% of preschoolers presenting for psychiatric services were found in several studies to have undiagnosed language impairment.

autism -- autismo   

The listening program

tratamiento de musica

INdependent  Educational  Evaluations

Evaluaciones educativas Independientes


Don't wait! Get a screening for your child or patient.  Don't let them be just another statistic.

Contact us to learn more about therapy online through our HIPAA compliant video conferencing telehealth service.

Free speech and hearing screenings Pruebas auditivas y del habla gratis